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Fuelling Growth, One Step at a Time

Applications are the fuel behind the growth of ambitious, fast-growing businesses. They are revolutionising the way we work, reach people, and deliver services.

With a relentless drive to innovate, developers are creating functionality at an almost super-human pace, whilst IT burn the midnight oil keeping platforms available, secure, reliable, and performing to expectations. Many companies carry the burden of huge legacy investments in infrastructure and software development, and adopting new technology requires a more gradual pace in line with budgets and headcount.

Why choose Node4 for your Cloud?

Node4 makes huge investments in innovation, so we can empower you to do more with your current IT. We can establish a Hybrid Cloud that spans your existing hardware in colocation together with dedicated and shared Cloud infrastructure, giving you the best of all worlds.

Our sophisticated tooling gives you a competitive advantage whatever your starting position, and our highly skilled experts can help you to transform your business at a pace that is right for you.

As Node4 own and operate multiple UK Data Centres, and have strong vendor relationships, you can rely on one expert provider with visibility and control of all of the moving parts.

Whether you are an IT department, developer, or IT services provider, choose our hosting services to enable your business to do business.




Discover how we can help your business

The Best of All Worlds

We are able to bring together your existing investment in hardware with our enterprise-grade, shared, and dedicated Cloud resources. You can move your applications between these platforms over time, and replace your equipment gradually as it becomes end-of-life. For example, you might keep using your existing servers, but replace an ageing storage device with storage from the Node4 Cloud.





Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Your equipment in Node4 Data Centres.
Your equipment in our secure and resilient hosting Data Centres. Reduce cost and complexity while keeping your investment safe and secure.
Your workload on N4Compute platform.
Access flexible computing resources (server, storage, network) from our secure, shared platform with flexible OPEX pricing.
Your workload on dedicated equipment.
Server, storage and network resources dedicated to you and hosted within one of our state-of-the-art Data Centres.
Ideal combination of Colocation, public & private.
Experience the best of all worlds. For example – run your website on colocated equipment, and your test environment on public cloud.
  • Sweat your existing investment
  • Use our expert, on-site team as remote hands and eyes – rather than waiting for your team to get to site
  • Tight security in ISO27001 accredited Data Centres that are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pay OPEX for projects instead of buying hardware
  • Remove headache of procuring kit
  • Easy, fast setup of new projects – getting to business value quicker
  • Free your IT team to work on strategic projects
  • Meet compliance regulations
  • Invest in capital equipment
  • Take advantage of your special pricing with vendors
  • Get access to deeper hypervisor functions
  • Cost-effective model that balances ongoing usage and peaks in project demand
  • Sweat assets and transition over time to cloud
  • Reduced capital expenditure
Case Study Icon

Thanks to Node4, we can now set up the IT for new branches within minutes and the speed with which we can expand our business has increased rapidly. Moving to the cloud has really given us the smoother infrastructure we needed to develop the business.

Mark Carpenter, Managing Director Motorpoint



Design, Build, Manage

Design, Build, Manage

We own, design, build, and manage our Data Centres, infrastructure and best-of-breed network. This means we can control all aspects of the service and give you a single point of contact.

Self Service Portal

Self Service Portal

We provide you with a sophisticated self-service portal which allows you to provision, change and operate your IT systems – and benefit from our continuous innovation.

Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform

As well as Colocation, we provide a highly resilient, multi-site, Cloud platform based on enterprise grade technologies. Hardware can be shared (public cloud) or dedicated (private cloud).




Protecting and Growing Your Business

A loss of service can have a devastating effect on your business. In fact, 70% of UK SMEs believe they could not survive for more than 24 hours without their critical IT infrastructure. This risk is compounded for the 49% of UK SMEs who find it difficult to recruit IT staff with appropriate skills and qualifications. To help with these problems, Node4’s backup and disaster recovery integrates tightly with your IT estate to provide the protection you need, and our team of expert consultants can assist you with critical projects that help transform your business.


Protecting against the loss of data and critical applications is a key business priority, but running your own DR and backup solutions can be very labour intensive, taking time away from other strategic projects.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Our backup and DR platform protects virtual machines both on your colocated equipment and on our Cloud. It can be setup at the touch of a button with no capital investment. Compression and de-duplication minimise storage costs.

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution allows you recover your virtual machines at another Node4 Data Centre in the event of loss of service.

You can set expectations to your business stakeholders in advance, knowing how long it will take to resume service (RTO) and to what point in time you can recover back to (RPO).

The Benefits

  • Protect your business against failure
  • Know the time taken to resume service
  • Get back to business as quickly as possible
  • Free up your team for strategic projects.
  • Avoid the need to buy hardware.


Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Node4’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution enables businesses to copy their backups to our Data Centre for offsite storage. The service uses the Internet to transport data, meaning that we can help whether your platform is on your premises, in your own Data Centre or in our colocation.

Based on enterprise grade technologies, it provides a flexible, resilient and scalable solution that avoids the cost and hassle of operating your own equipment to store offsite copies of your data. It is the ideal solution for companies who want the additional peace of mind of offsite backups without making significant capital investment.

NetApp Private Storage as a Service

Now you can switch clouds at any time while keeping your data secure in one place.

NPS as a Service (NPSaaS) is a private storage solution where your data sits within our UK Data Centres and is presented over a private network connection to Hyperscaler Clouds like Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, and Softlayer. Through the Equinix Cloud Exchange and Node4’s service, you can now use AWS, Azure, or Softlayer while keeping your data secure in one of our UK Data Centres.


Project Management

Project Management

Project management for your IT projects, such as migrations and transitions.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies and budgetary costing projects

Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

Assessment of performance, capacity, and issues in your environment.

Strategy Sessions

Strategy Sessions

Strategy sessions to identify how technology can improve efficiency and save money.


Think our Cloud service is right for you?

We will give you a 30-day Cloud Portal test drive, which allows 10GHz of processing, 5GB of RAM and 100GB of storage as a unique, private and self-contained instance within our N4Compute infrastructure.  This will allow you to trial and test virtual machines within our Cloud.

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