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Our experienced, accredited engineers can enhance your IT projects and operations - helping you and your team to achieve more of your business priorities.

Node4 has extensive experience in the design, build, and operations of business-critical systems built on a variety of operating systems and platforms, including: Microsoft Windows, Linux, VMWare, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Azure.





We work with you to design a solution that will meet your business requirements, enabling you to do what you do best.



We undertake the installation, configuration, and testing of a technical solution, getting the very best out of your infrastructure.



Our industry experts keep your platforms healthy, maintained, and performing as expected.

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Coming from a system that crashed on a regular basis, to not experiencing a single crash in over seven years is a phenomenal change. Node4 designed a bespoke environment which has required minimal maintenance and support. It just works.

Darrell Swain, Business Development Manager, QK Coldstores.




Our highly trained Node4 experts will work with you to understand your business and design a solution that meets your requirements; we have a track record in the design of complex solutions. Moreover, our capabilities also enable us to help you audit your existing environments and validate your designs.
We can offer:

Solution Design

We work closely with you to examine your business requirements and then create a bespoke solution.

Strategy Sessions

We use highly focused strategy sessions to ensure we understand what steps need to be taken to achieve your solution.

Performance Audit

Node4’s highly trained experts will assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your system, ensuring your business is performing at it’s best.

General IT Audit

We work with you to examine your IT infrastructure, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring that your infrastructure is functioning optimally.

Feasibility Studies

Node4’s experience can help you validate whether a concept is viable and what that idea might look like in terms of technology and cost.

Cost Forecasting

Managing costs is key to the success of your project. We work with you to forecast the cost of  your projects, to understand final project duration and expenditure.

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Node4 built and delivered a product as complex as RetirePort in 6 months – a real achievement. I have worked on a couple of such projects and none have gone as smoothly as this. Node4 have been nothing short of superb in terms of professionalism, commitment, tenacity and delivery; it has been (and will continue to be I’m sure) an absolute pleasure to work with Node4. It feels like a partnership rather than a client/supplier relationship. Together with Node4, we have delivered a first class product which is already proving a success. Node4’s translation of our vision to a finished product is in no doubt a market winner!

Steve Watson, Commercial Director, Portus Consulting Ltd.




Accelerate your business goals. Let Node4 help you to plan and execute your project. We undertake the installation, configuration, and testing of your solution. Additionally, we can manage your solution for you, or hand it over to your teams with documentation, whichever solution suits you best.
We can offer:

Software Management

From a custom built solution, to ensuring that your software is installed and configured correctly, Node4’s technicians will take care of your business software.

Load Testing & Analysis

We will test your system to analyse how it will react under normal and peak conditions.

Migration Services

Node4 offer top level migration services, migrating your business from one platform to another.

Project Management

Our team of experts follow a high-level on-boarding process, ensuring that we understand your needs, fully. We use this understanding to help you manage your project goals.

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Node4 handle the integrity of infrastructure and basically just keep things running like clockwork. We wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do without their help. Node4 know our business so well that it is just like having our own in-house dev-ops team but without the added expense. The team’s proactivity in making suggestions and tweaks to improve performance helps to make our business better.

Hugh Gilmour, IT Director, AFG Media




Node4 can perform management activities for your virtual machines. For each group of virtual machines, you can choose from four cumulative levels. For example, Level 4 includes the services of Levels 1-3. You can choose from four levels for your infrastructure:

Managed Infrastructure

For businesses that have domain expertise and only require the managed infrastructure.

Managed Platform

For businesses that would like Node4 experts to assist in maximising uptime, security, and resilience.

Managed Application Platform

For businesses that would like Node4 experts to assist in maximising uptime, security, and resilience of core applications.

Dev/Ops Application Management

For businesses that require application automation and repeatability for Linux platforms, utilising best-of-breed tools and expertise.

Included Services

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Reactive Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Node4 infrastructure up to hypervisor level
Proactive Monitoring of Operating System metrics and critical services
Operating System Patching
Operating System Troubleshooting / Issue Resolution
Implementing operating system configuration changes
Object level recovery of application data in virtual machines
Invoking Disaster Recovery when requested, plus one annual test
Management of Database & Web Server software
Quarterly Capacity Planning
Security Assessments and Counter-Measures
Automated Configuration Management
Managed Code Deployment
Application Performance Guidance
Application Monitoring




With Open Source Software.



In today’s fast-paced, data-driven economy, a lack of agility is a nail in your business’s coffin.With consumers and users demanding immediate results, your infrastructure has to be agile, secure, and able to scale according to that demand.

Open Source software allows “business agility”; a quality increasingly valued above all others in the fast-changing marketplace. The ability to create new applications quickly, reliably, and economically is drawing businesses big and small to Open Source, and encourage them to use it for ever-larger projects.




Get the right services to suit your needs


Whether you are embarking on a new project, need to enhance an existing platform, or want an expert team to take some of the load of running your IT, we have the right solution for you.

Download our Achieving Business Agility with Open Source Software leaflet to find out more about our services.

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