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SIEM, Vulnerability Scanning, IDS and Pen Test Service

Many businesses operate unaware of breaches and intrusions perpetrated inside their environment. It is only when the consequences of these breaches manifest, that subsequent investigation often reveals the extent to which these vulnerabilities have been exploited. Gaining information about threats and vulnerabilities inside and outside of your infrastructure, allows businesses to mitigate against the risks before they become today’s data breach and tomorrow’s news item.

All breaches are the result of a series of linked stages which hackers employ to compromise systems and exfiltrate data. The key to maintaining security integrity is by interupting and breaking this chain using the features that N4Secure provides – the key to complete security is intelligence and a cyclicle process of test and review.

Node4’s N4Secure service provides the intelligence and testing to review and repair system threats and vulnerabilities as a constant cycle to provide assurance for system compliances such as PCI, FISMA and HIPAA. The service comes complete with monthly security service advisor consultancy, providing guidance and assistance with security analysis and access to real-time dashboard Security Operations Centre (SOC).

Features and Benefits

  • Cost Effective

    Benefit from industry security experts and technology by using an OPEX monthly rental solution to mitigate the risks.

  • Scalability

    A solution which scales with your business, add systems and features as a fully managed service.

  • Speed

    Fast to deploy with the ability to easily switch on features you need.

  • Resilience

    Award winning technology combined with security expertise provides customers with confidence behind their security border.

  • Secure

    N4Secure services are connected to global intelligence centres which ensures threat intelligence is up-to-date for complete security.

  • 24x7x365 Service

    Our monitored and managed service provides the Node4 Security Operations Centre (SOC) team response to incidents 24*7 and offers customers regular reporting intelligence.

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